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  • I introduced the change in food over a few days to avoid upset tummies, and found no problem whatsoever. The cats tucked in nicely and were seen having a ‘post-dinner satisfied wash’ on each occasion! I am quite happy to go on using this food for all three of my cats.



    Pro Plan

  • I always thought big named brands were a lot of hype before actually trying BETA, now I can safely say I am converted! My pooch seemed more happy and content on the food. Thank you for showing me that food makes a huge difference to a dog’s behaviour.



    Purina BETA

  • When I received this product I really didn't think it would work. After just 3 days of using it, I stopped sweating! This product really does work, you will not have any more sweating from under your arms. Apply at night, wash off in the morning, great!




  • This camera has been a wonderful asset to any of my travel bags. The camera has been built extremely well and provided me with an excellent medium to save the wonderful memories from my holidays. A great tool for any holiday adventure.



    Samsung Gear 360

  • I' ve been giving the opportunity to try this milk. I' m really happy, as I was sceptical about. My daughter loves it. With the current formula that has more vitamins as well it can make these stools more softer which is a really good thing! Thank you to The Insiders!



    SMA® PRO Toddler Milk

  • My hair looks healthy, which makes me feel great. The applicator is so easy to use, just brushing it through the grey areas, and letting the great formula work its magic. I will be buying this always now, as the design makes it easy to just keep topping up your grey areas.



    Just For Men®

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