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Payment campaigns? Here is all you need to know

Insiders, Those who have been part of our community for some time now have probably noticed that we’ve been running quite a lot more payment campaigns lately – these are what we call those campaigns that require a deposit. As exciting as this is for us - well, campaigns are always exciting! - we’ve been facing some issues regarding these campaigns: we’ve realised that some Insiders still have doubts about how they work exactly, why they exist, how the processes run, etc……

New campaign: Panasonic ES-LV67 shaver

Your outfit says a lot about who you are. But the one thing that really defines your personality, is the way you wear your beard – or the way you don’t wear it of course.
And whatever style you go for, Panasonic makes it effortlessly easy to get that look. Just because, yeah, Panasonic has the right device for everyone. Whether you go for a close shave, a neat trim or a more casual beard. In this campaign, you’ll discover the Panasonic device you need for a silk smooth shave:…

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A snapshot of what our Insiders are talking about

  • My dog is old (turned 14 last December), and had started to go off his food. As soon as he smelled this, he started gulping it down. We mix it in with his other food and now he eats really well!


    ProPlan Duo Delíce

  • I was really surprised at how much this helped with my eczema and very dry sore skin, particularly on my hands. It absorbs really well and I only needed to use a small amount. It worked a lot better than other creams.


    Calmurid PRO

  • For men, this is a difficult issue. We can't pop to the hairdressers and have our 'roots' done, and I have been gradually going grey over the past 2 years. This product does it with no effort.


    Control GX Shampoo

  • I am using Samsung frontier s3 watch since past month. This is my one of the best tech and I really love it. I recommend as this is stylish and really good for other smart work via apps. Perfect for all situations!


    Gear S3 Frontier

  • Was a great campaign! Gave away 2 bottles to co-workers, one guy said he'll be using it in his gym kit from now on!


    Old Spice

  • Thank you so much for picking us to be one of the fifty winners! The kids are so excited and we can't wait for the hamper to arrive. We really enjoyed our bakes offs, taking photos and spreading the word. Merry Christmas!


    Betty Crocker

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