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  • Holy smokes! I got mine Monday, and I am having so much fun with it! As much as I love the 360 feature, my favorite, so far, has to be the single-lens mode! It makes things look totally different, and slightly fish-eyed. Cannot wait to take this on vacation next week!



    Samsung Gear 360 Video Camera

  • I absolutely loved all of the Kopari products! My favs are the sheer oil and the balm, They are just perfect for my skin! Thanks for the opportunity! I talk to everyone about these products




  • Just got my box and I am totally surprised at the amount of product and coupons that are in it. I know some people who could definitely benefit from some Aqua Velva!



    Aqua Velva

  • I have had such a blast working with my Gear S3 and The Insiders! This is awesome! Thank You so much for the opportunity! I hope to be a part of many more campaigns in the future!​



    Samsung Gear S3

  • I submitted my review after using AV several times. I gave bottles to my brothers and friends at work. They love it! In fact, they never considered using an aftershave balm



    Aqua Velva

  • The smartphone connection on the QLED TV is AMAZING. Today I was trying to work while soccer was on. usually I sit with my back to the TV so I have to turn around to catch any highlights, but I just had the TV feed stream to my phone... so awesome



    Samsung QLED TV

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