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Samsung Insiders is an exclusive group of Samsung influencers and enthusiasts. Join us and test the latest new to market and unreleased products from Samsung, while sharing your inside scoop with the world.  Your insightful feedback will help the brand update their future products to better suit the customer experience. Your voice counts, use it today when you subscribe.  

What are Insiders talking about

  • The Samsung Gear S3 may not be the best gym watch, or the best casual smartwatch, or the best outdoors watch, it is the best well-rounded smartwatch on the market. Having owned the Gear S2 there were so many expectations and the Gear S3 met those expectations and more. Overall this watch is a must buy for the person looking to wear the watch to casually, goes on runs (indoor or outdoor), goes to the gym (from bodybuilding to yoga to Zumba), does outdoorsy things (from archery to wake-boarding), and so many other categories. This watch fits us all.


    Best Overall Smartwatch

  • The Frame TV is an amazing first step into seamlessly and subtly integrating digital components into our everyday lives. I sincerely wish the way Samsung approached this concept, becomes the normative for future technology products within the home. If you are looking for an item that is inconspicuous and fits into the beauty of your home, then this is a must have. Fact is, there is no television on the market that comes close to offering the features and dual capabilities of this Samsung product while showcasing this level of beauty.


    Samsung The Frame TV

  • Combine the beauty of Samsung's most beautiful design to the beast of the snapdragon engine coupled with an unrivaled android experience and what you get is the Samsung galaxy S8+. With the 12MP rear and 8MP front facing camera you are left with little complaint about. Samsung takes stunning pictures! All your games and apps fly and operate buttery smooth, and when you throw in a beautiful and whopping 1440*2960 resolution on a phone you see that the screen can only stun you. 
    Needless to say there is no other phone in the market that rivals Samsung in the Android space.


    Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • I really like the Samsung Galaxy Book. The thin tablet design is much more elegant than I expected and has a very solid feel. It features Windows 10 which was designed for tablets. So, it's very fast, responsive, great for multitasking, and handles all my business applications. I have used it for photo and video editing on the go with no major issues. It also breezes through web surfing, email checks and word processing. The slim design makes it extremely portable with the ability to just slip it in a bag and go. The Samsung Galaxy Book is very well thought out machine that is fast, responsive, feature packed, and a pleasure to use.


    Samsung Galaxy Book

  • As a robot vacuum veteran (yes, that is a thing), it was the design of Samsung’s Powerbot 7040 that first caught my eye. Looking like the batmobile of robot vacuums, it is clear Samsung haven’t taken the subtle approach, though, the standout design isn’t just superficial. The suction power of such a small unit is also incredibly impressive. I accidentally gave it its biggest test a day after unpacking, when I dropped a freshly-watered plant and pot in the living room across a rug and wooden floor. I had my doubts, but the Powerbot handled it with ease thanks in no small part to its CycloneForce technology. In all the Powerbot 7040 is a truly smart robot vacuum with an incredibly rich feature set that puts other leading brands to shame.


    Samsung POWERbot R7040

  • The Samsung QLED Q8F is a fantastic TV. I've had the opportunity to experience this TV for the last two weeks and everyone who has seen it has been impressed by both how it is designed as well as the picture quality. It is Incredibly easy to set-up, has an intuitive user interface, voice-control remote (that actually works!), fantastic picture quality, automatic dimming, nice built-in speakers, ability to control the TV from your smartphone. I really enjoy this TV!


    Samsung QLED Q8F

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