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'The Insiders' open in The Philippines

Welcome to 'The Insiders'! From today onwards, we are inviting consumers from The Philippines to subscribe to our word-of-mouth community for vocal consumers. More than 3.500.000 members worldwide have been able to take part in various fun campaigns, for products such as Samsung, Lego, Coca Cola, Huawei, Philips, … We are pleased to be able to offer consumers this platform. People have an important voice here. We believe that when you have been able to test good products yourself,…

A baby is born !

Whilst you were sleeping, a small and elite group of designers has been hard at work creating this website for you – feel free to take your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to explore!   With a great new look, lots of interesting features, and streamlined wording, we’ve tried to make it a website that has everything you could ever need in a website, and more besides! Thank you for offering feedback throughout the years to make this possible.  We cannot wait for you to come and visit…

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