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  • My dogs love the chicken Purina, and I love the fact that it is natural without colours, flavours and preservatives. It's a winner here and I will happily recommend it to friends.​



    Purina Beyond

  • Loving my Samsung Gear S3 smart watch! It's been really fun to be connected & know that I won't miss a notification because my phone is in my pocket, especially with the really cold days we had. This is a great addition to my life. :D​



    Samsung Gear S3

  • I've really loved this trial. We've had everything we need to Trial the product for a decent length of time and truly get a good impression of it. We’ve been able to give away loads of samples which makes conversation easy and spreads the word. Fab!​



    Calmurid Pro Lotion

  • I like everything about my GS3 ... but I have to say the biggest surprise for me is the number of compliments that I've received. I previously wore the GS2 for 12 months and did not receive one compliment. I get compliments WEEKLY since the campaign started... it's amazing!



    Samsung Gear S3

  • Thanks for allowing me to participate in the campaign! This is my first time doing WOM marketing, and I really enjoyed it. I love technology and being able to try out the Gear S3 and share my impressions of it has been fun! Also, the Insiders really promotes a good online community where we can exchange our thoughts. Great job!​



    Samsung Gear S3

  • Loving using Lepage Glue! It works amazing and fixed a few things already, and still going! Thanks for the opportunity to try it.



    LePage Super Glue

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